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A farewell to Everything Absent or Distorted

Hey Guys,

So, your last show is this Saturday, October 24 at the Bluebird. I understand that circumstance dictates it, but it makes me sad. You guys have been one of my favorite bands over the past three years since I first saw you live at the Donnybrook Bastille Day party and you played a Neutral Milk Hotel cover. I already liked you then, but that really kicked things into high gear for me.

Since then, you've seen me through some pretty hard times and plenty of good ones, too. You seem to have written songs for just about every one of my moods, from soaring, bombastic exuberance to heartbroken melancholy. The feature I wrote about you is one of my favorite pieces and doing the interview was, hands down, the best time I ever had interviewing a band.

More than that, you've helped me achieve something special -- looking cool in front of my teenage daughter. As you guys know, my daughter is a big fan. She thought it was pretty awesome when I interviewed you, especially since it meant she got a sneak peek at the new album. I was glad to be able to take her along to see you guys play at our Showcase and she loved it so much it made her cry -- which makes me cry a little bit just thinking about it. But when I gave her the record you all signed for her for her sixteenth birthday and she told me, "This is pretty much the best birthday I could have asked for," well, that was something really special. And I couldn't have done it without you guys.

Thanks for everything. We'll see you Saturday.


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