A first look at "Flux," Deca's new Eric Heights video featuring Yonnas Abraham

If you're jonesin' for some fresh hip-hop this morning, take a minute and check out The Veil from Deca, a burgeoning bi-coastal-by-way-of-Denver rhyme giant. Lest you think we're merely gassing him up, you should know that while his debut, The Hedonist, is now considered a classic by many, honestly, it didn't really set our world on fire when it first came out. We were clearly sleeping. His latest has us absolutely mesmerized.

While there's no shortage of cats who can rap, Deca stands apart. Beyond just his clever wordplay, his voice has a hypnotic, multi-dimensional quality, and he spits with confidence, clarity, conviction and character, all of which brings his thought-provoking rhymes to life.

Another Eric Heights production, the above video features Yonnas Abraham of The Pirate Signal and BLKHRTS, and was filmed on location at Jolt's Guerilla Garden studios. The clip is for the album's first single, "Flux." Recorded in pieces in a hotel room on 7th and Witmer in L.A., a mike booth in his closet in Queens, New York, and all spots in between, as Deca notes, The Veil is undeniably dope from top to bottom and front to back.

Funny thing: It almost didn't see the light of day. The MC reportedly had another album completely finished before he had moved to Los Angeles, and opted to scrap it and start form scratch. "My lifestyle changed so drastically," he says, "that I felt like the older material lacked some sort of truth."

Deca says he probably would have sat on the new album, too, if not for ManeRok, who stepped up and helped him finish the record. "With The Veil," Deca explains, "I basically tried to make light of recurring themes in my life, synchronicities, numinous experiences, horrifying experiences, lucid dreams, etc."

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