A first look at Single File's new video for "Miss Cherry Lipgloss"

Been listening to Common Struggles by Single File quite a bit lately. So needless to say, we were pretty stoked to come across the band's new video for "Miss Cherry Lipgloss" -- mostly because it gives us hope that Reprise is finally giving the act some much needed exposure. Not to mention, we kind of got a kick out of the clip, which features the guys in all their dooftastic glory, clad in labcoats, filming and then studying game film of hotties in argyle sweaters applying, well, uh, lipgloss. And all of that's interspersed with footage of Sloan Anderson -- looking all Kurt Cobain with tight close-ups of him singing with his unruly mane framing his face -- and his mates rocking out as much as one can rock out on a soundstage.

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