Let's Talk Music and Memory: ArtHyve on Record to Record

Indie 102.3's Bruce Trujillo hosts the virtual panel Record to Record on Thursday, October 29.
Indie 102.3's Bruce Trujillo hosts the virtual panel Record to Record on Thursday, October 29.
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Jessie de la Cruz and Sigri Strand founded ArtHyve right after the 2016 election to give Colorado-based artists, archivists and community members a chance to shape their collective art history. Through programming, ArtHyve encourages artists to think about their own legacy by giving them a platform to tell their story before they're gone.

Now the group is launching Record to Record, a series of panel discussions that combine the intellectual atmosphere of a book club with the world of music. The first discussion is at 7 p.m. on Thursday, October 29, over Zoom, with Indie 102.3 host and promotions coordinator Bruce Trujillo, who will be moderating the ninety-minute event. Guests include local jazz/hip-hop/soul act Ramakhandra, Lisa Gedgaudas of Denver Arts & Venues, and Maria Elena Buszek, associate professor of art history at the University of Colorado Denver, discussing David Bowie’s final studio album, Blackstar, released two days before he died from liver cancer.

“Jesse chose Blackstar to kick off the series and get people thinking about legacy, because as an organization, that's what we focus on — artists thinking about their legacy while they're still alive,” Strand says. “And that album is the perfect example. Bowie was really thinking back on his life, knowing that he was coming to an end, which is a very unique situation.

“We really hope that artists in general will think about their work ahead of time and include it in the archive so we can really try to take this perspective of artists telling their own story, so that there's less of a chance of being misinterpreted," Strand adds.

When artists submit to ArtHyve’s archive, they’re asked what albums have influenced them.

“Jessie and I are both lifelong record collectors and music nerds, and we just think it's really interesting to talk about music,” Strand says. “We work with musicians as well as visual artists, so we want everybody to be thinking about what's inspired them. So that's where Record to Record kind of came to us was: How can we get the music community more involved in what we're doing? And then also, how can we think about inspiration on every level?”

Strand says the next Record to Record session will be in December, and photographer and ArtHyve boardmember Ric Urrutia will likely choose an album and special guests.

Register for Record to Record here.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.


Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.