Astroland in Boulder hosts DIY or Die Fest Halloween weekend

In the spirit of Halloween, Boulder creative space Astroland is holding its first annual DIY or Die Fest, a massive holiday celebration featuring over a dozen local bands and DJs to the backdrop of some spooky films and the promise of free candy.

And tacos.

Well, the tacos aren't free, but like most things occurring at a DIY venue, we're assuming the tacos (and the show) will be on a pay-what-you-can basis.

On Friday, October 29, Astroland (along with companion space Drala) is asking for a donation of five dollars for the Halloween party, and in exchange has brought together a lineup that includes Conjugal Visits, the Omens, Lust-Cats of the Gutters, Black Acid Devil, School Knights, Thee Goochi Boiz, Gangcharger and many others.

From 8 p.m. until the wee hours of the morning, bands will play, DJs will bring the dance party, and a costume contest (with prizes) is also on the agenda. Hey, this might be the perfect time for a dry run of that "Bed Intruder" Halloween costume you ordered off the Internet. Oh, and did we mention Astroland promises it will be selling tacos?

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