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Reader: It's Depressing to See How Far Beta Had Fallen

Beta was booming two years ago.
Beta was booming two years ago. Evan Semon
Beta was once a world-renowned nightclub. But its reputation took a nosedive in recent years, and in early 2022 it closed altogether, declared a public nuisance by the city. Now the building at 1909 Blake Street, which had been leased to Valentes Corleons, an aspiring nightclub entrepreneur, has been sold by its longtime owner, Colman Kahn.

"Everybody and their mother are interested in that building, supposedly," says Walid Maaliki, the owner of Maaliki Motors, who bought the structure for $5,555,000 late last month and says he's willing to lease or sell it. "I've got a couple of guys interested in it."

But should it be resurrected as a club? In comments on the Westword Facebook post about the sale, readers offer their take. Says Anthony: 
Beta was dope when I was eighteen...that's about it.
Urges Ari:
Make Beta great again.
Counters Leslie: 
Beta was kool when they would have EDM shows. The original Beta, not all this BS they tried to make it after.
Recalls Isaiah:
OG Beta is the only Beta I care about. Andrew RossDude, Illenium and Seven Lions were opening bands. Subtronics got his start in Denver playing Beta shows. I'm not just saying this to pad my ego: Beta was a kingmaker, a golden goose. This venue would sell out every Wednesday.
Notes Zoie:
Ever since Beta closed the first time, it's like bad juju all around.
Replies Samael:
It's depressing seeing how far this venue has fallen, and it's all because of some Emirati dude who cosplays as a Latino who wanted a Miami rap club.
Michael responds:
It doesn't matter who owns it, there's too much weight that comes with it. One slip-up and you're done. One shooting outside the nightclub, it's game over.
And Derrick concludes:
This just seems like bad business: Why buy a nightclub if you don't want to get into the business? Additionally, he doesn't want to put any money into it to open it, but was willing to pay off all the overdue taxes and fees? Very weird. Nightclubs as we know them are basically dead, so makes sense that this one follows suit. Hoping for a rebrand for a new indoor venue here with less nightclub and more rock bar vibes, but Summit is literally right across the street and has this market. Seems destined that this place gets gutted and turned into a high-end restaurant.
What would you like to see happen to the building at 1909 Blake Street? Post a comment or share your thoughts at [email protected]
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