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B.o.B. did his time in rap's AAA league, having brushes with success, remaining one or two degrees of separation from household-name status for three years. But that's all over now: His proper debut full-length, The Adventures of Bobby Ray, will be in stores next Tuesday, and, more likely than not, banging out the open car window of every kid with a clue for the next four months. B.o.B. has already scored with "Nothin' on You," a song bearing the stamp of approval from both Billboard and the high-horse critics. And that success is not the only thing he shares with Andre 3000 and Kanye West; it might sound ridiculous to call them peers now, but it would not be surprising if that relationship were unassailable fact by the time fall rolls around. Two days after B.o.B.'s album drops, he'll be at the Ogden: Get on it now, before there's no room left on the bandwagon.

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