Catch the CacheFlowe vs. Haxademic experience in Co. Springs Saturday

Not that there's any shortage of things going on here in Denver this weekend, but if none of those appeal to you and you don't mind a little road trip, or you're one of our friends in Colorado Springs reading this, this weekend offers a chance to check out something special. CacheFlowe is performing one of his new AV sets, billed as CacheFlowe vs. Haxademic, at Bassphrodesiac, a dance music event at the Phil Long Expo Events Center.

In case you weren't aware, Haxademic is his custom VJ software that dynamically generates some pretty twisted and engrossing video in real-time. You can see an example in the video above, which was filmed at the act's live debut a few weeks ago. And if you do go down, you'll also get to catch the vintage UK dance act Utah Saints (remember that Kate Bush sampling track from the '90s?) and Ms. Vicious, who are headlining the two stages, plus a selection of excellent Denver DJs such as Ishe, Surehsot, Fury and Crowdrock. Get more info and see a flier here.


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