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Closer, the latest CD by Plastikman (aka Richie Hawtin), released October 21 on his own novamute label, is being heralded as the techno album of the last twenty years. Closer is not just the first Plastikman disc in five years; it's also the first to add vocals to the music. The esoteric techno beats and progressive-trance sounds impart the mutant acid-house style of Plastik's early years, elevated by haunting vocal pieces that run rampant through the inviting tracks. The producer's technical prowess landed him on the distinguished list of guest lecturers for this year's Audio Engineering Society Convention, an exclusive event touted as "Total Technology Immersion." With a rep for throwing quite a bash, the Canadian DJ defies techno-geek labeling with his "Control" party series, which incorporates FX tricks from behind the decks that result in a "body-buzz" experience. Worship Plastikman at the Church when he stops to spin this Thursday, November 6. Come on, get Closer. -- Catalina Soltero
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