Creepy, Catchy, Cool: Silence of the Lambs as Dance Pop

Is it wrong to write such catchy songs from a killer's perspective? Am I a sick man for finding this so cool? Does this mean I have deeply buried issues?


What can I say, I always wanted to see a band that sounds like a David Byrne-fronted Devo tribute band write a song paying homage to one of my favorite fictional serial killers (the song's called "Lotion" by Greenskeepers, by the way). And then see it set to a video made from footage of that same character. So that's that part of my life fulfilled. Now I can move on to looking for a country song about a male to female pre-op tranny looking for love in all the wrong places, with a video made from cleverly recut footage from Urban Cowboy -- Cory Casciato


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