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The University of Denver does more than churn out lawyers year after year. Every spring, when the budding crocuses rear their fragrant heads, when the back molars of horny coeds grind in collective misery, the keepers of the sheepskin offer relief from cramming for one last Frisbee Golf final. The annual May Day's Music Festival, slated for Thursday, May 6, from 2 to 8:30 p.m., boasts over a dozen local live acts on two separate stages. Among the raucous throng scheduled to invade the Sidelines Pub or perform on the sprawling Driscoll Lawn (rain or shine) are bands ranging from singer-songwriter types such as Adam Lufkin to popsters like the Royal We (above) and Curious Yellow. The Ground Zero Movement, Single Track and Two Lane Road cover the bases from hip-hop to acoustic rock, while funk merchants Chronophonic offer a dance alternative to the blistering punk of King Rat. Then there's the sonic assault from Piraña, Take Down, the Calefaction, Rum Fits and Opus Zero -- not to mention Kyle Britton. On hand to serve as palate cleansers between each distinctive half-hour set will be three separate turntablists: DJ Dialman Chambers, DJ Triple B and DJ Darnoc. Best of all, the entire showcase is absolutely free -- which, for the doomed philosophy majors out there, is more than Jean-Paul Sartre ever had to say about any of us.
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John La Briola