Multi-tasking: Denver takes its 4/20 playlists seriously.EXPAND
Multi-tasking: Denver takes its 4/20 playlists seriously.
Brandon Marshall

Denver Creates 3,000 Mile "High" Playlists on Spotify

There may be an ongoing debate about the commercialization of the 4/20 holiday and the big corporate-sponsored concerts that have become part of the celebrations. What remains true is that music is inextricably linked to the day and the culture, and Spotify users in Denver and Colorado are taking time to curate their 4/20 listening experience.

According to the OutCast Agency, Spotify looked at its data and found that users of the service in Denver have created more than 3,000 playlists related to 4/20 or using marijuana. This number is nearly half of all such playlists created in the state of Colorado. 

There are nearly 600,000 Spotify playlists dedicated to cannabis culture, and playlists made by Coloradans make up more than 1% of this global number. 

While Spotify didn't indicate which songs show up most often on these playlists, exploring them can put you in solidarity with your fellow Coloradan celebrants, and also expose you to what 4/20 revelers around the world are putting in their ears.

One thing that's safe to assume: Cypress Hill's "Hits From the Bong" probably pops up fairly often. Hit replay, then hit it again.

What's the soundtrack for your Wednesday?

Cypress Hill shows up often on 4/20 playlists.
Cypress Hill shows up often on 4/20 playlists.
Brandon Marshall

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