Denver EDM Artists to Watch in 2017

Lea Luna
Lea Luna Lea Luna
Technology evolves quickly, and in the world of electronic music and the many sub-genres that branch off of it, the flavor of today can be stale by tomorrow. That said, there are many artists in the region who have learned to grow with the technology. This year will be a big one for Front Range EDM. Great new artists that you haven’t heard of yet will emerge, while many established acts will continue to thrive. Here are ten local artists and groups worth keeping an eye on this year.
1. Maya Amack
Former New Yorker, now very Denver, Maya Amack started off largely playing house music, but now her style is a trippy mix of house and techno. She was singing from an early age, and started deejaying in 2000. She hasn’t looked back since, and she found her way to Denver in 2007. We’re glad to have her here, and hope to hear much more from her this year.
2. Bass Physics
Bass Physics, aka local producer Arja Adair, says that his main objective is to spread positive vibes through the power of music. That’s all well and good, but does he have the chops to pull that off? Absolutely. As it says on his website, “His genre-bending sound is made up of soulful electronic beats fused with live guitar and keys. While some songs weave beautifully expressive sonic landscapes, others explode with power and energy.”
3. Big Gigantic
Boulder-based “livetronica” duo Big Gigantic blends all the ingredients that virtually guarantee local success: electronica, jam band, prog and jazz. That’s always going to be a popular fusion in these parts, and Dominic Lalli and Jeremy Salken have tapped the creatively lucrative vein. Last year’s Brighter Future album is a gem. We're happy to see the group playing Coachella this year, and hope the duo continues to see success nationwide.
4. Chris Karns
The winner of the 2011 World DJ Championships, Chris Karns incorporates styles that include dubstep, funk and hip-hop, and he was recently a finalist on VH1’s Master of the Mix. He’s a favorite in the Denver electronic music scene, and one of the more sought-after sources for collaborations. He’s only going to keep heading skyward.
5. Lea Luna
Lea Luna is a safe bet for at least some level of mainstream, commercial success. She has an electro-pop sound that blurs the line between the underground and the radio-friendly. “She's just as comfortable throwing down a bass-heavy dubstep set as she is an uplifting house set,” reads her Facebook bio. That’s a winning tool kit, especially because the songs that emerge are not only relentlessly catchy, but also sensual and artistically fascinating.

Read on for more of the best Denver EDM artists.
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