Do you have a 4-track mind?

Remember the days before digital? Back before seemingly everybody had a ProTools- or Logic- or Cubase-driven rig in their bedroom? When all you had to record on was a beat up old analog four-track and a road worn SM-58? So do we. In fact, last weekend, we came across an entire box full of forgotten demos taking us back to the salad days of our creativity. The more we thought about it, the more we realized that we couldn't be the only ones sitting on such a veritable treasure trove of forgotten gems and ill-conceived ideas. Got any songs that you recorded on your Tascam back in the day, or is it still your preferred instrument of choice? Send 'em in (converted to digital of course -- what, you thought we actually still have our 4-Track?) and we'll post them here. -- Dave Herrera

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