Do you know what Joe Ginsberg of Single File had for breakfast this morning? We do.

You know how the more cynical among us bemoan the whole Twitter phenomenon? Clearly cheesed off by the whole notion, they're often found uttering stuff like, "I don't need to know what such and such had for breakfast this morning, for Chrissakes!" in disgust every time the subject comes up. Man, if that gets their panties in a wad, are they ever going to stroke out when they read Joe Ginsberg's blog.

For the past three months or so, the Single File bassist has been blogging about ... wait for it ... what he's been having for breakfast. No shit. Every day. And he's on the hook to continue doing so for the next nine months. Evidently, on his last birthday (which happens to fall on September 11, BTW), he decided it would be fun to keep a running log -- er, blog, rather -- of what he consumes for breakfast for an entire year. And so it is. Break Fast, Not Hearts: Joe's 365 Day Breakfast Blog. If you're first meal is underwhelming, check in with Joe to see what he's eating. Or you can always just follow him on Twitter, of course.

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