Download the Motet's take on Talking Heads

If you love the Talking Heads, enjoy cover versions of favorite tunes and don't think "jam" is a four letter word, you're going to dig this. Local jazz/afrobeat/electronic artist has long been known for their dress-up sets where they dedicate an evening to a favorite band's music. They tackled Sly and the Family Stone for Halloween this year, and this December 2008 show was a revisit of last year's Halloween selection of Talking Heads. It's got a bunch of recognizable Heads' hits ("Once in a Lifetime," "Burning Down the House," "Psycho Killer") and some gems from deeper in the catalog for Heads heads, too. You can download the whole thing in a variety of formats, from high-quality MP3s to lossless FLAC, at Archive.org, or just hit the jump and listen to it via the embedded player.

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