Drake's "Find Your Love" Video: Another One For The Ladies

The second single off Drake's upcoming blockbuster finds him with some 808s and orchestra, courtesy of (who else?) Kanye West, doing his Casanova thing. The reaction was sort of neutral -- it's not terrible, but it's also not "Forever." Something of a holding pattern.

But then the video came out today and it involves Jamaican gangsters and (Spoiler Alert!) Drake getting shot in the head by the woman whose love he is ostensibly finding. Guess not.

The biggest reason Drake is so famous before his debut album comes out is the company he keeps -- in this case Kanye West. And this video is not totally unlike the West-directed "Best I Ever Had" in that the video contradicts the song.

Fader wrote a good feature about Drake's rise to fame, and in it he talks about defying expectations. In it, he says this: ""I started getting the straight cookie cutter treatments," he says. "The pretty boy, lovey-dovey shit that everybody wanted me to do."

The thing is, that's probably what he'll prove best at -- the pretty boy, lovey-dovey shit.

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