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El Chapultepec switches things up...and out

Received a rather alarming tip this afternoon that El Chapultepec‎, a bona fide Denver institution, was drastically scaling back its jazz programming. The thought of the 'Pec without jazz is like, well, like Denver without the mountains. So we put in a call to Angela Krantz, whose father, Jerry, still owns the place, and she confirmed that while there have been some changes at the original location on 20th and Market over the past few months (there's a second location on West 38th Avenue), jazz is still the mainstay three nights a week: Sundays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. On weekends, however, the live music acts now include funk and blues, while Tuesdays are devoted to funk.

"It's not that we're not doing jazz," Krantz stresses. "We're just rotating through bands, so Fridays and Saturdays we're having different things going on. Typically, we've had the same gig, like a weekly gig for people. We're not doing that now. We're mixing it up and trying some different things."

On behalf of the music-loving fans of Denver, I think a collective "Phew!" is in order. -- Dave Herrera

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Dave Herrera
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