Ellie Goulding on how she'd be a personal trainer if she wasn't making music anymore

For nearly three years now, Ellie Goulding has been steadily taking over the airwaves. Whether it's vocal features on the hottest new EDM tracks, dominating on her own with singles from one of her two platinum albums or appearing on remixed tracks from the world's biggest producers, the pop starlet from the English countryside continues to make inroads and gain momentum. We recently caught up with Goulding at her flat in London for a chat about matters of love and how important she feels it is to connect with her audience, rather than just sell a fake story to them.

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Westword: How many interviews are you doing today?

Ellie Goulding: I think I've got only a few.

Do you enjoy interviews?

Sure, I suppose.

What is the most common question you get asked?

How was the Royal wedding and Skrillex.

I'll be sure to avoid those questions then. Let's get started: Love and heartbreak seem to be the two most common themes in your albums, how are you able to translate your life experiences into your songs?

I have the right kind of people around me, so I am able to be honest because I suppose this thing that I've always tried to do is be as realistic as possible, but keeping it surreal. It doesn't have to be real or how I describe it. It's something that I've always been fascinated with. [Love] is such a powerful thing. It can conquer the most powerful person. Human beings are so powerful, but love can conquer.

How important is it for you, and artists in general, to remain so attached in your music?

I noticed that being completely honest kind of works. People appreciate that.

What do you think the most important lessons in life are?

What are priorities? In life? My priorities in life, if you really want to know them, are that I'll keep writing for a long time, hopefully. I am always looking for inspiration in music and reading books. That is my priority: to keep performing and growing as an artist, and finding out where the hell I am going to go. I have a nice situation in London. I love it! I have great friends and I enjoy living here, but I'll be on the road for quite a long time.

What would you be doing if you couldn't perform?

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I'd probably be a personal trainer. It's the complete opposite of what I do. I want to do things where I can use my body and keep fit and keep healthy.

Is that something to do that you've fallen into with a hectic touring schedule?

It's the one thing that I rely on that never changes. It's been my other passion, though I haven't been doing it so much lately. But I love it, and it's something that is purely an endorphin release. I like my body being fit.

Do you get the same rush performing?

I get a rush performing; I get a rush when I train. I do get rushes to get out after stuff that I have to finish. If I couldn't do my favorite thing in the world, I would die.

Aside from the upcoming tour, what do you have planned on the horizon?

Just excited to see what this year brings really. Keep performing, pushing the record, and I think I am going to release some more stuff. If I get a chance to finish the side project.

What's the side project all about?

It's more of an electronic side project with my friend Benny Blanco, who's worked with Britney Spears and Ke$ha. He is super talented, and I have done a bit of stuff for that already.

Is EDM where your interests are moving?

It's like a passion. I love electronic music. It always will be a passion, but that's just one direction.

EDM is so polar to what you are putting out. How did you get involved in that realm?

I fall into that world quite a lot. For some reason I have always been in the remixes and welcomed with DJs and producers. It's really cool. It's very, like -- it's something I am so glad in the world that I have respect in.

Is there anything you want to say to Denver before we close out?

Only that I'm looking forward to coming back, and its been awhile, and seeing everyone and meeting people. I just hope I can deal with the altitude this time.

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