Freaky Friday: "Broken Heart" - Valentine

Today's video freakshow is framed as an appeal to superstar producer Timbaland. The young man who made the video is a Ukrainian singer-songwriter and a fan of Timba's. He's looking for a little help to become "as popular as Britney Spears," as he explains in his halting English, and he's written a song that he's sure will catch Timba's ear and convince him to help make his dream come true.

Is it a joke? Maybe, but the guy is incredibly deadpan if it is -- maybe we just don't get the Ukrainian sense of humor. It is a funny song regardless of intent. And we're sure with Timabland behind it ... it would still tank on the radio. Because despite the name "Broken Heart," this is not your typical saccharine, sad-bastard singer-songwriter bullshit and the method he opts for to forget his broken heart is not exactly radio friendly. But he does offer one piece of advice all singer-songwriters (and everyone else) can benefit from before he launches into the song -- use reverb, because without reverb, "all songs sound like shit."

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