Freaky Friday: "Daibutsu Hands feat. FFF" - DJ ShabuShabu

Before we go any further, I feel a warning is in order. Epileptics and anyone who started their day off with a hefty dose of psychedelics should stop here -- to go further is to risk madness, injury or death. The rest of you? Well, your eyes and brain may bleed a little bit, but you'll probably be all right. Today's blast of freaky comes to us from Japan, so it automatically at least 20 percent weirder than any domestic product. The song is a weird combination of broken beats, Japanese singing/rapping and chicken and video game noises. If that sounds awful, it kind of is -- it's also kind of catchy and may get stuck in your head for hours after exposure. The video that accompanies it is a Boschian progression of Buddhas, fruit, internal organs, CGI bubbles, giant robots and more, all done up in eye-scorching fluorescent candy colors. The combination? Well, it's one of the more fucked up things I have seen and heard in some time -- and I spend way too much of my time seeking this stuff out, so that is saying something. You'll find it after the jump and I hope you enjoy and/or survive it.

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