Freaky Friday: Tuesday religious mania edition

Welcome to the final Freaky Friday of 2009. And yes, we know it isn't even close to Friday, but like all of you, we will be far too busy nursing a wicked hangover Friday to come anywhere near a computer. That being the case, we couldn't resist bringing you this final bit of freakiness a few days early.

We don't have a song title or "artist" name for you on this one. It's just a completely wacko song from what appears to be some fringe religious cult, broadcast on public access TV sometime in the '80s (I'm guessing) and recorded for posterity on a VHS tape, complete with funky tracking artifact in the middle that actually enhances the song a bit.

The video, grainy and pixelated though it is, is pretty special. You have a very large woman sitting and spinning in a gold-lame draped office chair while waving her hands about "artistically" in time to the music. I hesitate to call that dancing for fear that dancing will come and try to get revenge on me for the insult. The song is weird and cheap and horrible yet catchy in the way so many of these Freaky Friday tunes are. Personally, I'd love to hear Animal Collective cover it, with weird tracking error intact. See for yourself, after the jump.

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