Free Ukulele Loki album for limited time

Every instrument, no matter how lowly, shall have its day. And the ukulele's day has arrived, at least locally. From Danielle Ate the Sandwich using the tiny instrument to accompany her big voice, to the Inactivists' distorting it and putting it front and center in their humor-riddled, weirdo rock, Denver digs the uke. And at the forefront of the ukulele movement is a guy so into it he incorporated it into his name -- Ukulele Loki.

Loki's been pimping the guitar's wee cousin for some time and his love for it shows on Ukulele's Gadabout Orchestra, his group's self-titled album which sounds like a bizarre art-rock circus time traveling through the first third of the 20th century, then stopping to jam with the early days of Elephant 6 before heading to the future in a banana-peel fueled Delorean. Full of clever, funny songs about acrobats, balloon animals and inflation, it's a weird ride, but one totally worth taking. But you don't have to take my word for it -- Have a listen via the player embedded after the jump, or just head over to Ukulele Loki's site and grab the record for free. The site says it's free for only a limited time, so don't dawdle.

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