Freeloader: Brand new tracks from Mama

Although Mama has still (frustratingly) yet to play live with the lineup that recorded the excellent Bayoutopia, the ferocious hard rock act fronted by the inimitable Jeff Leonetti (aka Leonomadic), is reportedly hard at work on a new album. The record, Toxikinesis, takes its name from the superhero strengths of Swamp Thing. According to bassist Jonny Barber (aka Chris Barber, frontman of Spiv and expert channeler of The King as the Velvet Elvis), the record pivots on a heady theme of taking in so many toxins into the blood stream that a touch becomes deadly and results in an immunity to all poisons, viruses, bacteria and fungi. No word yet on when the album will be available -- or if the unit will indeed ever perform live -- but Barber, who's recording the record as we speak at the Church of Rock with his brother Jeremy Barber on guitar, Chris "Squaredogg" Woodward on drums and Leonetti on vocals and harmonica, has set us up with a few tracks from the sessions. Download them below, and if you haven't already, check out more few tracks from Mama's Bayoutopia.

MP3: "One More Day to the Full Moon," Mama

MP3: "Two Moons Rising to the West," Mama

MP3: "Two Moons Rising to the West," Mama

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Dave Herrera
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