Freeloader: download comp from Everyday Joes

We just heard about a free compilation from Everyday Joes, a non-profit coffeehouse/music venue in Fort Collins. Never been there, but it sounds like a groovy place -- Danielle Ate the Sandwich says it's her favorite venue, bar none, and that's got to count for something, right? Anyway, the place is offering a free, downloadable compilation of eighteen tracks. It's called Love, Everyday Joe's | Volume 3: Wake up, o sleeper and the list of contributors includes such Backbeat favorites as the aforementioned Danielle Ate the Sandwich, Paper Bird and John Common and the Blinding Flashes of Light. There's also plenty of quality stuff from artists less familiar, from around Colorado and surrounding areas (You, Me and Apollo from Phoenix, Arizona is a solid find, for example).

You can download the compilation, gratis, from its dedicated page on the Everyday Joes site. And you know that "Vol. 3" in the title? That's no joke. There are two more volumes, presumably from past years, and you can grab them on the same page. Now, while the whole thing is offered free, they are accepting donations, which they promise goes to music licensing fees for the venue, which we hear can be quite expensive. So if you dig it and have a few bucks to spare, hit that donate button and share the love.

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