Freeloader: Explosive electro EP from Boom Ninja

Having trouble getting going today? Head still a little fuzzy from the weekend's revelry? Well, you're in luck, because we've got something for you that will blow those cobwebs right out (not to mention blowing away whatever the cobwebs are attached to) and get you bouncing up and down in your chair , punching the sky and shouting "Woo!" if you're prone to that sort of thing.

Meet Boom Ninja, the dance project of one Mike Brick, from right here in Denver. He's offering his debut, self-titled EP for free for a limited time. It's four explosive electro bangers flavored with some gritty lo-fi 8-bit sounds and fueled by the kind of leave-no-knob-unturned-to-eleven approach that powers the most popular stuff in the genre (think MSTRKRFT, Justice and the anthemic Daft Punk tracks). The inclusion of the 8-bit stuff, some modulated vocals and other left field timbral choices keep it fresh. The super-high energy level makes sure it's never boring. Just turn your headphones down a few notches below where they're normally set or you'll risk some hearing loss. Have a listen via the embedded player after the jump, or just head over to the Boom Ninja Bandcamp site to grab the disc.

<a href="http://boomninja.bandcamp.com/album/boom-ninja">Get Bent by Boom Ninja</a>

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