Freeloader: Sexy mix from CacheFlowe just in time for Valentine's Day

Just in time to get you in the proper mood for Valentines Day, CacheFlowe drops a free mix of sexytime music called This Year is For Lovers. It's full of swinging tracks of sexiness -- "ninety minutes of sexy jams in the genres of techno, dubstep, downtempo, hip hop, experimental and more" as CacheFlowe explains it.

"I did searches in my iTunes library for the word 'love' and went from there by selecting tunes that had a love theme," he explains "So the songs are really a retrospective of my favorite sexy electronic tunes, since they came directly out of my personal music library. They span from brand new to decades old."

It's a great, diverse selection of tracks from artists such as Matthew Dear, Del the Funky Homo Sapien and Bjork including some amazing highlights such as the awesome "Fucking Boyfriend" by the Bird and the Bee and Glass Candy's cover of the Kraftwerk classic "Computer Love." The resulting mix is a little less dense and insane than most of CacheFlowe's original work, but still displays his penchant for out-there sounds, meticulous preparation and deep-but-weird musicality.

"I put a lot of hours into finding the tunes, piecing them together, recording the intro voiceover with my own custom vocal processing software, and building the web site to house the mix," he says.

That intro he mentions is a slice of faux Barry White performed by CacheFlowe's alter ego Cache Blaq that promises a "mix of panty-droppin', baby-makin', multiple-eargasm nourishment" -- exactly what it delivers. It was written by @kingernoy -- he also got an assist from @theotherross, who did the artwork.

"I hope that people will find it a suitable soundtrack to throw on while getting intimate, inspire them to create more love in their life, or just enjoy a diverse collection of smooth tunes. Turn up the love," CacheFlowe says. We think that's pretty much guaranteed. The full track listing and free download link are available at www.thisyearisforlovers.com.

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