FreePeopleTV Launches a New Denver Artist Video Series on Wednesdays

JuiceBox of Paradise interviewing DJ Erin Stereo on FreePeopleTV.
JuiceBox of Paradise interviewing DJ Erin Stereo on FreePeopleTV. FreePeopleTV
In addition to fronting bands like Twin Flame Medicine and Flowers of Mass Production, teaching artists and serving as lead programming coordinator at Youth on Record, Mona Magno (aka Monalicious) also founded the local community organization FreeMusicForFreePeople, which launched Free People Records last year.

This week the group is debuting FreePeopleTV, which highlights the Denver creative community; the project goes live on Twitch every Wednesday, with the debut episode premiering on July 8 at 10 p.m.

As FreeMusicForFreePeople has grown, so has Magno's team, which includes videographers, artists and journalists, among them Aaron Loki Johnson, previously of Colorado Public Radio.

“We now have a team-inspired vision of how far we can go with this,” Magno says.

Over the past year, that team has been producing content with local creatives, and the first season of FPTV launches on Wednesday, June 3. The show includes interviews and mini-documentaries with acts like Lady Gang (aka Jen Korte), Anthony Ruptak, Kid Astronaut, Joshua Trinidad, DJ Erin Stereo, Levi Double U, Jenny LaJoye, and Zea Stallings of the Copper Children, along with musical performances.

While each episode highlights a variety of content produced over the past year, FPTV also includes two podcast-style interview segments, including one Johnson hosts called “Your Neighbor Speaking,” which spotlights artists discussing social and political issues.

“We’re seeing a growth of all creative industries, whether it’s new people coming in to make a name for themselves or the really strong community of people who have been grinding and contributing for years,” Magno says.

Update, July 7, 2020: The original series release date was pushed back to July 8.
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