Fresh Colorado hip-hop from Hustle Man, Whygee, Drop Switch and Fly4Wird

Another week, another fresh batch of local hip-hop. We've got new joints from the Southern-flavored but fully local Hustle Man, as well as a new cut from Whygee that name-checks one of East High School's most famous former students, plus a nighttime call to action from Drop Switch and a sneak peek at Fly4Wird's upcoming EP. Keep reading to get an earful of this week's goodness. Colorado hip-hop and you don't stop.

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Hustle Man - "Dollar and a Dream" In a preview of his upcoming project The Dream Act, Hustle Man teaches the heights that can be reached with a starting point as insignificant as a single dollar and a vision of where to go -- a dream. Hustle Man's drawl gives him a down-to-earth quality that pairs well with the dusty guitar and soulful vocal samples in the production.

Whygee - "Pam Grier" Sounding a bit like Blu, Whygee meditates on the hip-hop process: motivation, staying productive, making waves, slaying rappers and creating a legacy. His words come off like a long, impromptu diary entry, and beside Gyp DaHip's wistful instrumental, "Pam Grier" feels like a short dream through the eyes of a real rapper.

Drop Switch - "One Time" Drop Switch continues to impress with its increasingly distinct blend of hip-hop, funk and neo-soul. "One Time" combines Emma Wallingford's infectious voice with the peppy lyrics of MC Logistixx. As usual, the band provides a musical foundation in which the two vocalists can operate, but more than that, the musicians pay close attention to the idiosyncrasies of the vocalists and each other for an absolutely together and well-balanced composition.

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Babah Fly, Mike Wird & Fast4Ward - "UNcontained" There's something very endearing about Babah Fly's totally unique, almost mousey voice -- something disarming, but very stylish at the same time; it works beautifully with DJ Fast4Ward's bouncy, off-kilter beat, and it contrasts well with Wird's deeper, more assertive voice. This is a chemistry that bodes well for the trio's upcoming EP, Fly4Wird. Anchored by Abigail Freed's soft, if slightly detached, lyrics, "UNcontained" will put you in a trance for as long as the music is playing.

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