Giant ape's antics herald Dressy Bessy, Swayback, Yerkish and the Construct

Can one ever have enough giant ape? Not in our book. We love primates, and the bigger the better. That being the case, there was pretty much no chance this ginormous ape being assembled via a series of derricks and scaffolding wasn't going to be our flier of the week. We are simply suckers for monkeys (and yes, we know it's not really a monkey -- no tail, right? -- but we get tired of saying ape all the time and monkey is such a fun word).

Ahem. Anyway, as is usually the case with Yerkish fliers, the design here is simply impeccable. Not only do you have a butterfly assembling a supersized ape (those are the symbols of the Construct and Yerkish, not coincidentally), but the colors, font choice and placement and overall layout are all excellent. It's a clean, compelling flier design.

And in a rare show of extra awesomeness, this show got another, totally different and super-cool-in-its-own-way second flier from Dressy Bessy.

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