Ten Gift Ideas for the Denver Music Lover in Your Life

Shopping for music fans can be tough.
Shopping for music fans can be tough. Miles Chrisinger
Shopping for adults is tough – and finding the perfect gift for music lovers can be a particular challenge. We're often uppity about what's hot and what's not and temperamental when it comes to what we like. Still, in a city like Denver, with our endless stream of live shows and bands galore, gift options for every musical taste abound. Here are ten gifts we recommend for the Mile High music lover in your life.

click to enlarge Debajo del Agua plays at Ophelia's Electric Soapbox. - SCOTT LENTZ
Debajo del Agua plays at Ophelia's Electric Soapbox.
Scott Lentz
A gift card to Ophelia's Electric Soapbox
Maybe your music lovers are early risers and enjoy a weekend brunch, or perhaps they prefer late-night concerts. Don't know? Either way, you can't go wrong with a gift certificate to Ophelia's Electric Soapbox, the downtown joint that boasts musical acts as good as its food and decor.

click to enlarge Decadence Music Festival on January 1. - MILES CHRISINGER
Decadence Music Festival on January 1.
Miles Chrisinger
Music festival tickets
In 2018, Colorado is going to see a bevy of music festivals, from our own Westword Music Showcase, the Underground Music Showcase and Global Dance Festival to Decadence, RockyGrass and the new festival at the Overland Park Golf Course. There are festivals for all stripes of music fans, from electronic to metal to jazz. Some tickets are already on sale; others you'll have to wait for.

Record store gift certificate
Independent record shops are a music lover's paradise, and they happen to be struggling to stay open in a world where a song is always a few clicks away. A gift card to Twist & Shout or Wax Trax shows you care without having to agonize over the perfect album to gift someone, all while helping to keep Denver's mom-and-pop record shops alive.

click to enlarge Is anywhere better than Red Rocks? - MILES CHRISINGER
Is anywhere better than Red Rocks?
Miles Chrisinger
Red Rocks tickets
Even if you have no clue what kind of music your loved one enjoys listening to, Red Rocks tickets are a good pick for any Denver music fan; after all, even listening to a lousy band can become a magnificent experience at the world's greatest venue. Already announced for 2018 are Icelantic on the Rocks, Methodman and Redman, Global Dub Festival, Khalid and many more.

click to enlarge Emily Pulley plays the title role in Central City Opera's summer production of Carmen. - AMANDA TIPTON
Emily Pulley plays the title role in Central City Opera's summer production of Carmen.
Amanda Tipton
A subscription to a classical-music series
Most classical-music organizations offer subscriptions; it's how these legacy institutions stayed afloat for years. These days, they depend more on blockbuster one-off events (for which you can also purchase tickets). Nonetheless, opera lovers would appreciate a season pass to Opera Colorado or Central City Opera, orchestra lovers to the Colorado Symphony, and ballet aficionados to the Colorado Ballet or Wonderbound.

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