Announcing the 2017 Westword Music Showcase Schedule

Join us on Saturday, June 24, for the 23rd Westword Music Showcase, featuring Shakey Graves, the Revivalists, Cut Copy, Bob Moses, COIN and A R I Z O N A, plus dozens of local bands and artists.

Start planning your day with the full schedule listed below. As always, we're dealing with human beings — and musicians, at that! — so the schedule is subject to change.

Colorado's musical exports are matched by its imports: Legendary venues and enthusiastic fans ensure that bands from around the world route their tours to include a swing through the Rocky Mountains. We'll host a few of those visitors at the Showcase — on two outdoor main stages in the heart of Denver — along with some of the best local bands that the city has to offer.

2017 Westword Music Showcase Schedule

Coors Light Stage: 12th and Acoma streets
All Chiefs 12:35-1:05
Edison 1:25-2:05
A R I Z O N A 2:40-3:30
COIN 4:15-5:15
The Revivalists 6:05-7:15
Shakey Graves 8:35-9:50

Mike's Hard Lemonade Stage: 12th and Bannock streets
Redlands 1:00-1:30
Church Fire 2:00-2:45
Trev Rich 3:25-4:20
Bob Moses 5:10-6:10
Cut Copy 7:15-8:25

100% de Agave: 975 Lincoln Street

Andy Thomas' Dust Heart 12:00-12:40
Heartstring Hunters 12:55-1:35
Joe Sampson 1:50-2:30
Montropo 2:45-3:25
Megan Burtt 3:40-4:20
Anthony Ruptak 4:35-5:15
Natalie Tate 5:30-6:10

#VYBE: 1027 Broadway
Gasoline Lollipops 12:00-12:40
Dearling 12:55-1:35
Bison Bone 1:50-2:30
The Parlor Pickers 2:45-3:25
Kissing Party 3:40-4:20
Retrofette 4:35-5:15
SIR 5:30-6:10

Bar Standard: 1037 Broadway
Sliver 12:20-1:00
Little Fyodor 1:15-1:55
Cheap Perfume 2:10-2:50
Allout Helter 3:05-3:45
Hydraform 4:00-4:40
Muscle Beach 4:55-5:35
Native Daughters 5:50-6:30

City Hall Amphitheatre: 1144 Broadway
Kayla Marque 12:40-1:20
YaSi 1:35-2:15
Sur Ellz 2:30-3:10
Molina Speaks with Roots, Rice, and Beans 3:25-4:05
Big J. Beats 4:20-5:00
Fed Rez 5:15-5:55
Wheelchair Sports Camp 6:10-6:50

City Hall Main Stage: 1144 Broadway
Ghost Tapes 12:00-12:40
Kruza Kid 12:55-1:35
otem rellik 1:50-2:30
Joseph Lamar 2:45-3:25
Curta 3:40-4:20
Kitty Crimes 4:35-5:15
SpydaT.E.K 5:30-6:10

La Rumba: 99 West Ninth Avenue
La Pompe 12:00-12:40
GoStar 12:55-1:35
Roka Hueka 1:50-2:30
The Other Black 2:45-3:25
Los Mocochetes 3:40-4:20
Gumbo le Funque 4:35-5:15
Atomga 5:30-6:10

Stoney's Bar and Grill Main Stage: 1111 Lincoln Street
Quantum Creep 12:40-1:20
Savage Blush 1:35-2:15
Television Generation 2:30-3:10
Nuns of Brixton 3:25-4:05
The Velveteers 4:20-5:00
Slow Caves 5:15-5:55
iZCALLi 6:10-6:50

Stoney's Bar and Grill South Stage: 1111 Lincoln Street
Wild Lives 12:00-12:40
Corner Girls 12:55-1:35
Emerald Siam 1:50-2:30
Lollygags 2:45-3:25
Los Retro 45 3:40-4:20
Eldren 4:35-5:15
Pandas & People 5:30-6:10

The Church: 1160 Lincoln Street
Voight 12:40-1:20
Altas 1:35-2:15
Pythian Whispers 2:30-3:10
Midwife 3:25-4:05
Orbit Service 4:20-5:00
Milk Blossoms 5:15-5:55
deCollage 6:10-6:50

Vinyl, Main Stage: 1082 Broadway
Mirror Fears 12:40-1:20
Erin Stereo 1:35-2:15
DJ MRA 2:30-3:10
Maggie Despise 3:25-4:05
CRL CRRLL 4:20-5:00
Aviva 5:15-5:55
RUMTUM 6:10-6:50

The 2017 Westword Music Showcase returns to the Golden Triangle on Saturday, June 24, with national headliners Shakey Graves, the Revivalists, Cut Copy, Bob Moses, COIN and A R I Z O N A, plus dozens of local bands, across eight venues and two outdoor stages. Get your tickets for the 2017 Westword Music Showcase here.


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