Announcing the 2017 Westword Music Showcase Schedule

Cut Copy will headline the 2017 Westword Music Showcase.
Cut Copy will headline the 2017 Westword Music Showcase. Courtesy of Cut Copy
Join us on Saturday, June 24, for the 23rd Westword Music Showcase, featuring Shakey Graves, the Revivalists, Cut Copy, Bob Moses, COIN and A R I Z O N A, plus dozens of local bands and artists.

Start planning your day with the full schedule listed below. As always, we're dealing with human beings — and musicians, at that! — so the schedule is subject to change.

Colorado's musical exports are matched by its imports: Legendary venues and enthusiastic fans ensure that bands from around the world route their tours to include a swing through the Rocky Mountains. We'll host a few of those visitors at the Showcase — on two outdoor main stages in the heart of Denver — along with some of the best local bands that the city has to offer.

2017 Westword Music Showcase Schedule

Coors Light Stage: 12th and Acoma streets
All Chiefs 12:35-1:05
Edison 1:25-2:05
A R I Z O N A 2:40-3:30
COIN 4:15-5:15
The Revivalists 6:05-7:15
Shakey Graves 8:35-9:50

Mike's Hard Lemonade Stage: 12th and Bannock streets
Redlands 1:00-1:30
Church Fire 2:00-2:45
Trev Rich 3:25-4:20
Bob Moses 5:10-6:10
Cut Copy 7:15-8:25

100% de Agave: 975 Lincoln Street
Andy Thomas' Dust Heart 12:00-12:40
Heartstring Hunters 12:55-1:35
Joe Sampson 1:50-2:30
Montropo 2:45-3:25
Megan Burtt 3:40-4:20
Anthony Ruptak 4:35-5:15
Natalie Tate 5:30-6:10

#VYBE: 1027 Broadway
Gasoline Lollipops 12:00-12:40
Dearling 12:55-1:35
Bison Bone 1:50-2:30
The Parlor Pickers 2:45-3:25
Kissing Party 3:40-4:20
Retrofette 4:35-5:15
SIR 5:30-6:10

Bar Standard: 1037 Broadway
Sliver 12:20-1:00
Little Fyodor 1:15-1:55
Cheap Perfume 2:10-2:50
Allout Helter 3:05-3:45
Hydraform 4:00-4:40
Muscle Beach 4:55-5:35
Native Daughters 5:50-6:30

City Hall Amphitheatre: 1144 Broadway
Kayla Marque 12:40-1:20
YaSi 1:35-2:15
Sur Ellz 2:30-3:10
Molina Speaks with Roots, Rice, and Beans 3:25-4:05
Big J. Beats 4:20-5:00
Fed Rez 5:15-5:55
Wheelchair Sports Camp 6:10-6:50

City Hall Main Stage: 1144 Broadway
Ghost Tapes 12:00-12:40
Kruza Kid 12:55-1:35
otem rellik 1:50-2:30
Joseph Lamar 2:45-3:25
Curta 3:40-4:20
Kitty Crimes 4:35-5:15
SpydaT.E.K 5:30-6:10

La Rumba: 99 West Ninth Avenue
La Pompe 12:00-12:40
GoStar 12:55-1:35
Roka Hueka 1:50-2:30
The Other Black 2:45-3:25
Los Mocochetes 3:40-4:20
Gumbo le Funque 4:35-5:15
Atomga 5:30-6:10

Stoney's Bar and Grill Main Stage: 1111 Lincoln Street
Quantum Creep 12:40-1:20
Savage Blush 1:35-2:15
Television Generation 2:30-3:10
Nuns of Brixton 3:25-4:05
The Velveteers 4:20-5:00
Slow Caves 5:15-5:55
iZCALLi 6:10-6:50

Stoney's Bar and Grill South Stage: 1111 Lincoln Street
Wild Lives 12:00-12:40
Corner Girls 12:55-1:35
Emerald Siam 1:50-2:30
Lollygags 2:45-3:25
Los Retro 45 3:40-4:20
Eldren 4:35-5:15
Pandas & People 5:30-6:10

The Church: 1160 Lincoln Street
Voight 12:40-1:20
Altas 1:35-2:15
Pythian Whispers 2:30-3:10
Midwife 3:25-4:05
Orbit Service 4:20-5:00
Milk Blossoms 5:15-5:55
deCollage 6:10-6:50

Vinyl, Main Stage: 1082 Broadway
Mirror Fears 12:40-1:20
Erin Stereo 1:35-2:15
DJ MRA 2:30-3:10
Maggie Despise 3:25-4:05
CRL CRRLL 4:20-5:00
Aviva 5:15-5:55
RUMTUM 6:10-6:50

The 2017 Westword Music Showcase returns to the Golden Triangle on Saturday, June 24, with national headliners Shakey Graves, the Revivalists, Cut Copy, Bob Moses, COIN and A R I Z O N A, plus dozens of local bands, across eight venues and two outdoor stages. Get your tickets for the 2017 Westword Music Showcase here.
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