Grammy tape delay versus realtime Twitter reaction: What's with the East Coast bias?

So, yeah, I'm watching the Grammys right now and dutifully monitoring the #GRAMMYs hash tag on Twitter (thanks for the helpful reminders, LL). Color me confused. I feel like I just walked into the middle of a movie:

On the set, Miranda Lambert and Dierks Bentley are in the middle of a duet. The Twitterverse, meanwhile, is buzzing about Rhianna's performance. Come again? When? Did I miss something? How? I haven't even so much as gotten up to go to the bathroom?

And so then, I refresh my Twitter feed a little bit later, only to see some tweets congratulating the Zach Brown Band -- just as Ellen and Beyonce are introducing Justin Timberlake. Feel like you're trapped in an episode of Early Edition, that show where Coach Taylor got the next day's paper inexplicably delivered to his doorstep the day before. Me, too. So, what gives? Ah, yes, there it is -- tape delay. Again.

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Back in January, Deadline.com spoke with a pair of CBS execs, Jack Sussman and Ken Erlich, and asked about the West Coast tape delay and the disparity between the broadcast and Twitter, and how the East are spoilers for the West. Know what they had to say? Basically, the buzz being generated by the East helps hype interest for the West. "They have another reason to want to watch," Sussman told Deadline.com. Sure thing. Makes sense. I know my favorite part of any movie is always when somebody tells me exactly what's about to happen before it happens. Eh, well, considering this has reportedly been happening for the past couple years, guess alienating half of your audience is really no big.

And the winner in the category of Completely Clueless Industry Execs goes to...

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So let's get this straight: Grammy organizers are savvy enough to create a hash tag for the show and then go to the trouble of promoting it at every possible turn, but then any sort of interaction is undermined by the tape delay? Nothing like getting on Twitter only to discover that you're an also-ran. Or that the network brass think that these spoilers really aren't but rather give us incentive to keep watching? Good plan, guys. Way to think it through.

BTW, apparently, Prince is gonna stop by. In an hour or so. Oh, and evidently, Carrie Underwood is gonna deliver a performance that everybody's going to be talking about -- or is already talking about, rather, depending on where you live. Even better, get this: Jack White supposedly drops an F bomb, and censors still manage to miss it -- even with the tape delay?! SMDH.

Here's an alternate hastag for the Grammys: #Fail.

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