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Hearsay bits: 3OH!3 tops the iTunes charts, Little Fyodor's cassette release

Pop Tart Charts: 3OH!3 is atop the iTunes chart, thanks to their collaboration with Ke$ha. The pop tart's wittily titled "Blah Blah Blah (feat. 3OH!3)" might be "face-shooting pablum" (as we called her work the other day) but this "unholy, completely sexless union of Katy Perry and Lady Gaga" (as we called her in the same piece) apparently can do no wrong when it comes to the record-buying (er, iTunes download buying) public. And now she's helped give 3OH!3 even more exposure -- not that they needed it. Seems kinda like a deal with the devil to us, albeit a lucrative one.

Tale of the Tape: If you miss the hiss of analog tape distortion, the warbling wow and flutter of off-speed playback and the depressing reality of your favorite album unspooled and eaten by your car tape deck, happy days are here again: Cassette tapes are making a resurgence. Just the other day we were reporting on a free "cassingle" from the Ideal Fathers. Now the nerd punk insanity of Little Fyodor & Babushka's latest release Peace is Boring (reviewed here) is coming out on the long-lost and unlamented (or so we thought) medium. The tape is being released by the Fox Pop Recording Company, a cassette-only label out of Michigan and you can get a copy at the band's tape release show with the Inactivists and Widow's Bane Saturday, January 30 at the Walnut Room. If this trend catches on, expect a resurgence in 8-Track tapes, to be followed by a slew of promo releases coming out on wax cylinders and wire recorders.

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