Hearsay bits: What About Pluto? takes your questions, listen to Matt Morris's new album free

Videodrome: If you're a fan of alt-rockers What About Pluto?, or maybe just a fan of people being goofy on camera (and aren't we all fans of that, really?), then the band's recent foray into video blogging should be of some interest. Last week the outfit kicked off the affair with feat of physical skill (dude totally does a backflip), while this week they've opted for an intro to the new bass player and some updates on upcoming shows.

It's all a little awkward and goofy, but fun nonetheless. And if you've always wondered something about the band, you can ask them (e-mail questions to band@whataboutpluto.com) and they'll answer it, in video form, in next week's video blog. They say anything is fair game, so don't hold back.

Morris sneak peek: If you were intrigued by the video we posted about local singer-songwriter Matt Morris, or Ellen's tweets about him, but you still haven't heard enough to be sold, here's your chance. He's streaming his whole album on AOL for free. Go give it a listen and if you like it, you can grab it here or at fine local retailers such as Twist & Shout. And finally, don't forget he's playing on David Letterman tomorrow night, January 15.

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