Holy Fuck reach new heights with Latin

Experimental noise-pop krautrock act Holy Fuck is not the easiest band in the world to love. Hell, it isn't the easiest band in the world to talk about -- you can't even say the name in polite company or on the radio. But if you love krautrock and wish the movement had never fizzled out -- and I do -- then the band is like a dream come true. And on its latest release Latin, coming tomorrow from XL Records, it's reached a new level of awesome.

Previous Holy Fuck albums were interesting, but displayed neither the level of songcraft needed to reward constant listening, nor the sheer bugfuck insanity of the act's live shows. Latin still doesn't match the mind-melt that is Holy Fuck live, but it succeeds in creating real, genuine songs that stand on their own.

"Latin America" charms with a loping rhythm section and a dreamy melody that builds and builds into a corona of gorgeous noise before breaking open, breaking down and grinding to a halt. Two songs later, "Silvia and Grimes" entwines wisps of golden, sonic twine around an absolutely classic motorik beat that builds and breaks like a summer storm. "SHT MTN" works a funky break, buzzing noise and a warped sample into the shape of what electro should be and the closer ""P.I.G.S." comes close to replicating the chaotic genius of the band's live experience on record.

Latin is easily the band's best release to date and should provide an excellent base for its incredible live show. You can catch that when they play the Larimer Lounge June 12. In the meantime, you can preview the record today (thanks to some Dutch site) and buy it tomorrow at stores everywhere.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.