Immortal Dominion nearly finished recording new album. Again.

You know the notion that once you've recorded an album it's forever? That's not always the case, apparently. Witness Immortal Dominion. Remember back in April when the act released its new album, Primortal? Kind of a big deal for the group, which was stoked to have had the chance to work with Hell Yeah producer Sterling Winfield. Then a month or so after its CD release party, the outfit parted ways with longtime drummer Ben Huntwork, who was understandably displeased at the group's decision to enlist a studio drummer for the sessions and opted to leave the band. After a brief search, the group named Ben Mangina to replace Huntwork, and at the same time, picked up a new guitarist named Louis Micciullo. With the new lineup cemented, the members made an unusual decision to go back into the studio with Winfield and fix parts they were unsatisfied with, which also gave Micciullo a chance to record half a dozen new leads. As a result, a new version of the album will be available soon, with a promise from the band to replace the original if you purchased the intial pressing. Catch Immortal's new lineup on Sunday, September 27, at Dickens Opry House in Longmont with the Sammus Theory.

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