It's summer, so the Cults say "Go Outside"

While we were checking out some of the suggestions from our friendly Twitter followers for song of the summer, we found a heck of a song of the day. It's a tune called "Go Outside" from a New York band called Cults. And to our ears, it sounds just like summer.

That heavily reverbed, hazy vocal is the sound of drinking two ice cold beers back to back on a nearly empty stomach at someone's backyard barbeque. The shuffling, lazy beat is the the way you feel on a day when the temperature is approaching a hundred, but it's okay because you've got nothing to do but lie around in your underwear with someone sexy. That dreamy breakdown is waking up from an afternoon nap in a hammock, confused but mellow. Together, it adds up to the kind of perfect summer that only exists in movies and nostalgic memories (and awesome pop songs, of course).

The video embedded above appears to be a fan-made video, but it does a decent job of matching up with the tunes vibe. And if you dig this tune as much as we do, you can grab it, along with two other songs, as a free download at Cults Bandcamp site.

Special thanks to @joebeauprez for the tip!

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