John and Kim Baxter launch ZetaKaye House

Although ZetaKaye House, the name of John and Kim Baxter's new booking and management company, might sound like sorority house, it's actually a deliberate fusion of the names of two individuals: Oscar Zeta Acosta, who was part of the Brown Power movement in the '60s and Hunter S. Thompson's attorney, and Ian MacKaye, founder of Dischord Records and frontman for Minor Threat and Fugazi.

For the Baxters, who got married almost a year ago, Acosta and MacKaye are two people who represent true DIY. "I've had a huge amount of respect for both of them throughout life," says John. "I felt that this was a great way to incorporate that. We both just felt that hit exactly what we wanted to try for as a business."

The foundation of said business is a notion of "artists for artists," with the primary emphasis being on helping local acts and musicians with management, local and national booking, promotions, as well as providing a place for folks to practice, record and give lessons. Combined, the Baxters bring nearly two decades of experience in the arts in one form or another to the ZetaKaye House.

Tim Pourbaix, who used to live in Denver and now resides in Brooklyn, was the first to jump on board with the Baxters, and they're now helping book shows for him around New York. They're also working with Mike Marchant, 200 Million Years and Calder's Revolvers, which includes former members of the Archive and We Are! We Are! John Baxter has worked with most of these acts before in various capacities from booking to management.

"All of us have put in so many hours of work to make Denver a great scene," says Baxter, "and it's finally starting to pay off. Anything we can do to have that wheel turn is what we want."

Here's a ZetaKaye House-produced video of Mike Marchant's "Collide, Ride On":

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.