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John Common unveils his next collaborative project

John Common has a passion for collaborative art. He's just kicked off the third project asking artists to draw inspiration from his Beautiful Empty album and share it with the world, with the Beautiful Empty Photo Conspiracy.

As the name spells out, this one is targeted at photographers (the first one was a multimedia, physical art project called the Common Box Project, the second was the Beautiful Empty Film Conspiracy, a companion of sorts to this current project). Participating shutterbugs will get a copy of the disc (which we're quite fond of, for what it's worth) and the lyrics, and will be asked to produce three images inspired by the album.

The results will be curated by Lucia De Giovanni, an award-winning photographer, photojournalist, and founder of MYPP, the Mentor a Young Photographer Program. Common will display all the works on his website and a selection of them will be shown in physical form when he plays his CD release party in Boulder on Saturday, June 12. Entry is $10 and aspiring photographers can find all the details and sign up at this link. You have until May 10 to gets started, but why wait?

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