KMFDM in-store signing at FashioNation this Friday

German industrial-dance darlings KMFDM are coming to FashioNation Friday, October 9, for a two-hour, in-store CD signing and fan meet and greet. We have a special place in our once black heart for these scowling Germans -- in a roundabout way, they paved the way for us to become dance music obsessives. Seriously, listen to Naive -- that shit is pure disco draped in metal guitars and was just the thing to break through a post-high school, tough-guy persona and convince us it was okay to shake our ass a bit. Anyhow, from 2:30 to 4:30 p.m. you can head down to 613 East 13th Street and get the members of KMFDM to sign copies of their new album (or maybe, if you ask real nice, your vintage copy of Naive if you can find it...) and get filmed for promotional use on their website and YouTube channel. You can also win some tickets to the show, Doc Martens, gift certificates and other sweet stuff. Get more info or RSVP at FashioNation's MySpace page.

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