Listen to "They Call Us the Irish," a new track from Time's forthcoming album, Newstalgia

Time (aka Chris Steele) has long been focused on enacting positive change and has rarely been shy about voicing his opinions. As a journalist, he's written on controversial subjects ranging from UFOs to the government's role in the death of Fred Hampton of the Black Panther Party -- and has received death threats in return. Time hooked us up with a new track from his upcoming project, Newstalgia, "They Call Us the Irish," and it's just as brave and painfully honest as you'd expect.

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"The whole intention of Newstalgia is to make memories in the present and not have to look back to the old days to be happy," says Time, but the music itself is not always happy; subject matter for the project ranges from video games and basketball to addiction and home foreclosure. "They Call Us the Irish" is about a conflicted identity and the troubles and accomplishments of a proud people.

For "They Call Us the Irish," Time enlisted the help of local trumpeter Ron Miles, and the rest of Newstalgia features many more contributors, local and beyond. To pay for the album's mixing and mastering, he's launched a indiegogo campaign with a $1,500 goal and a due date of next Wednesday night. Check out "They Call Us the Irish" above.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.