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Mac Miller at Ogden Theatre, 7/30/13

MAC MILLER @ OGDEN THEATRE | 7/30/13 Mac Miller is one of rap music's fastest-rising stars, whether hip-hop likes it or not. As an independent rapper who has twice shown that fresh beats and dope rhymes can sell well, he should be celebrated. Instead the rapper is a polarizing figure. Last night's sold-out show at the Ogden Theatre showed that Denver has plenty of people who love his particular brand of rap.

But even if Miller wasn't your thing, this bill also featured a slate of newcomers, such as Vince Staples, the Internet and Chance the Rapper, as well as new stalwart Action Bronson, that attracted an early crowd. Ultimately, though, it felt like this show was a chance for Miller to flex some serious credibility and win some new fans over. In his quest to do so, last night, however, he seriously overreached and gave us a bloated performance that should have been trimmed for content.

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Shawn White