Magic Cyclops, American Idol nopeful, extends his nationwide notoriety

Ah, yes,

Magic Cyclops

: To know him is to love him.

The Quad City Madman

(not really, you

swag-jacking morning-show mooks in Davenport

-- he's all ours) has successfully turned

a fleeting American Idol cameo

into a catapult to fame and fortune. Er, maybe just fame. The fortune part is still eluding him, from what we hear.

This morning, somehow the Magic man made his way on to TMZ, who posted a piece about him panhandling on the side of the road after his Idol stint, whereupon he reportedly earned a whopping $0.35. Lest you think the TMZers are rubes, they made sure to point out that Cyclops isn't actually homeless, but not before adding that he is kind of a "dumbass," as they put it. Uh-huh. Right. Real dumb. Don't miss Magic Cyclops Sells Out! at the Bluebird on Thursday, March 1.

TMZ: But after reading an article about homeless people making up to $30k a year just from begging, Magic was inspired -- and decided to hit the road with a cardboard sign ... earning an impressive $0.35 his first day.

For the record, Magic isn't actually homeless -- he lives at home with his parents, owns a car, cellphone, and a computer. But he is kind of a dumbass.

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