Magic Cyclops + Lion Sized = The Germs?

In the realm of unlikely collaborations, it seems as if Magic Cyclops joining Lion Sized to cover the Germs would be near the very top of "least likely to happen" category. After all, Lion Sized is a balls-out, kickass rock band seemingly without pretense or pose. Magic Cyclops, on the other hand, is the highly conceptual, insanely hokey, '80s-synth-pop, one-man extravaganza we all know and love. This isn't peanut butter and chocolate -- more like pickles and maple syrup. Yet thanks to a recent bulletin from our Lion Sized brethren, we have now seen videographic evidence that just such a thing did, in fact, take place. And at our very own Westword Music Showcase no less! And because we know you are shaking your heads and saying, "No, this cannot be" right now, we've embedded the video for your viewing pleasure. Yes, it's a little rough, with a lot of nausea-inducing, shaky-cam goodness and atrocious sound, but it's like the proverbial bear riding a bicycle -- you don't complain that he isn't riding that well, you just marvel that the poor creature is riding at all. Your video awaits, after the jump.

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