Magic Cyclops Renounces Hulk Hogan

Photo by Summit Studios This just in... In a completely unexpected turn of events, Magic Cyclops, who's entire image is more or less built around the snappy, multi-colored Hulk Hogan headband he sports, has issued a statement effectively renouncing his Hulkamaniac status. Read his unedited, rather stoic note in its entirety after the jump. "it is time for magic2.0. after hearing the hogan jail tapes with their son Nick and being totally sickened by what was said, I hearby renounce my Hulkamaniac status. My heart goes out to the other family involved and their son who gave of himself to serve this great nation of ours in the armed forces.I know have the overwhelming task of redesigning my logo and all my merch. Insted of a hogan bandana magic will now wear a "Magic" bandana, and customized color coordinated outfits and bandanna's. The new Magic will be bigger and badder then ever and will debut Sunday June 8th at the Larimer Lounge Bbq show at 5pm. Don't forget Magic Needs You for the U.S. Air Guitar championships June 18 at the Bluebird come chear me on as i take it to the top!"

Do you believe in Magic? We do.

-- Dave Herrera

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