Meese's Atlantic Debut Nearing Completion

Photo by Chandra Carney.

Looks like Meese is just about finished recording its new as-yet-titled album. Since inking their deal with Atlantic this past fall, the guys have been hard at work in the studio with producer Sean Beaven, who grew up in the Meese brothers' hometown of Cleveland. Aside from having that hometown connection, Beaven also worked extensively with Nine Inch Nails, a band that had a major influence on frontman Patrick Meese.

With that in mind, the choice to work with him was an easy one for the band. "He came out for a show and we connected right away," Patrick relates. "He was very different from the other producers we were looking at, but I thought he Sean would give us some of the edge we were looking for. Turned out to be a great fit."

Guitars and vocals were tracked in Beaven's Los Angeles studio, Patrick reports, while the drums and piano were recorded at 606, the Foo Fighter's studio. "Foo fighters was the first concert I ever went to," the frontman notes. "Nirvana and Foo platinum records everywhere! And a huge live room. Its a studio built for drummers."

No word yet on a release date, but the act is reportedly considering putting out an EP this summer to promote the full-length.

-- Dave Herrera

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