Meet the Couple Who Got Married Onstage at the Borgore Show

Last week, Chris Banks, a.k.a. Jackal, and Amelia Coen got married at a Borgore concert, and it was totally legal and totally planned. Banks and Coen have been together for four years, and they’ve been ready to get married for some time, but they needed one more thing before they could actually say their vows — Borgore.

Banks is CEO of Bracelet Gang, a music management agency, so he met Borgore through the industry about five years ago. Since then they’ve become close friends, close enough that Borgore asked if he could officiate Banks’ wedding.

“We wanted him to do it,” Banks says, “and he’s a busy guy. So, we said, ‘fuck it, let’s get married on stage.’”

Of course, after the couple agreed, Borgore left on a European Tour, so Banks and Coen waited over a year for their friend to come back. The couple set the wedding date for Borgore’s first show back in Denver, and, after all that waiting, planned the ceremony in about thirty minutes.

“We took a couple shots, looked up what you have to say to actually get married, and we were ready.”
Banks doesn’t remember what was actually said in the ceremony, but Borgore got ordained online ahead of time, so it was probably fine.
The couple’s families weren’t there, but Banks says they were really excited about the wedding. Besides, there’s plenty of pictures of the couple smoking that marital cross-joint. Banks says the cross-joint was intentional, a way for the crowd to see their union. They already had their wedding rings tattooed on, he explains, so they decided to smoke a joint where couples normally exchange rings. It was a symbol of their love.

“No regrets,” Banks says. “It was fun, a great time. We partied all night and then kept partying for the rest of the week.”

Now the happy newlyweds can look forward to their honeymoon: a tour bus headed for Burning Man. 
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