With the power vested in me by Instagram...EXPAND
With the power vested in me by Instagram...
Aaron Thackeray

There Was Weed, and It Was Beautiful: Borgore's Onstage Wedding

Borgore is many things: Former deathcore drummer, poet, record label founder, producer/DJ, booty enthusiast.  And, as of last night, an official minister in the Church of Weed. 

He headlined a show at the Ogden Theatre last night, and love was in the air. That's always true at a Borgore show (love, twerking, same difference), but this one was special, because one fortunate couple got married. It was just like the fairytales taught us. There were flowers and promises and a horndog Israeli musician and a pair of joints in the shape of a cross. It probably wasn't legally binding, but it was adorable. 

Photographer Aaron Thackeray was there to get some wedding photos. But we crave details! Who are these lovebirds? What is their story? Did you pass the cross-joint, as is the custom? Who is that dude in the orange beanie? 

No, seriously. If you are reading this, and you are the newlyweds, or know the newlyweds, or were simply an attentive guest during their excellent ceremony, please email me: kiernan.maletsky@westword.com. 

Aaron Thackeray

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This is just the best.EXPAND
This is just the best.
Aaron Thackeray
Your minister, Borgore.EXPAND
Your minister, Borgore.
Aaron Thackeray

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