Michael "Cactus" Moser loses part of leg after motorcycle accident in South Dakota

Thoughts and well wishes for a speedy recovery go out to Michael "Cactus" Moser. Over the weekend, the 55-year-old drummer, a Montrose native with deep Colorado roots, was involved in a motorcycle crash in South Dakota that resulted in him losing one of his legs. Moser, who had most recently been keeping time for his new bride, Wynonna Judd, in her band, the Big Noise, sustained injuries to his hand and his left leg, which ended up having to be amputated just above the knee.

According to Judd, the couple was out for a ride on Saturday afternoon before Judd's show in Deadwood, at the Deadwood Mountain Grand when the accident occurred. Moser reportedly crossed the highway's median and collided with another vehicle. Moser and Judd were married earlier this summer in Tennessee.

While it's been a number of years since Moser hung his hat here, the timekeeper has deep Colorado roots, both in the '70s and '80s Boulder scene as a session drummer and later as a member of fellow Coloradan Steve Taylor's Some Band. He was also tapped by Chuck Morris, the president and CEO of AEG Live, Rocky Mountain Region, to be part of the mid-'80s country-rock outfit Highway 101.

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